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The acronym "Yooper" refers to people who live in Michigan's upper peninsula (U.P.). The usual  phrase given to folks living north of the Mackinac Bridge back in the 70's was "U.P.'ers".
 It was during this time that cartoonist  Dan Rosandich stopped in at the Daily Mining Gazette in Houghton, Michigan with some
of his cartoons. At the time, the editor was Bob Skuggen.
 Those who knew Bob back in the day, can attest to the fact
he was a big proponent and advocate of The Keweenaw Peninsula and tourism in general. Skuggen liked Dan's cartoons but said
they should focus on life in the U.P. and after a while,a new
set of U.P.  related cartoons were given to Bob for consideration.Although he really liked what he saw, they needed
a title and asked Rosandich to come up with a good name  for
the cartoons. After bouncing around a few names & titles with some friends, Dan came up with the perfect term and this is
when "Yooper" was born. The cartoon panel Yooper Bloopers  was introduced in an article with one of the first cartoons and soon
afterwards the term "yooper" was being used to promote
all things which were U.P.-related. Browse Yooper-Michigan.com and visit all of the incredible information and links that are
available to help educate people about the fantastic part of the
world which alot of people call Yooperland. . . and home! Thanks and enjoy ey?! Visit these Yooper Cartoons when you want a laugh . . .

               KEWEENAW ROCKET RANGE - Features background information and maps how to reach it
              KEWEENAW WALL - Info and photographs about the Copper Country's "natural wall"

         Verified Proof That Cougars Are Roaming Michigan's Upper Peninsula!
large mountain lion / cougar which was captured on trail cam in Michigan's eastern upper peninsula Gulliver / Detour area.

 Debbie Munson Badini of Michigan's DNR, issued a press release on or around November 11, 2009 to
 validate that they investigated the area in and around the property where this cougar was photographed
 via a "trail cam" or "game cam". There were two separate sets of cougar tracks in and around the area
 where this big cat was obviously on the prowl. The exact location was not pinpointed but is in the eastern
 u.p. in the Gulliver / Detour area. What was once thought to be myth, or urban legend here in northern
 Michigan's u.p. has finally come full circle with the use of neat tech gadgets like trail cams.
 In the future, there is no doubt more and more of these kinds of photos will be captured and if you have
 the extra money to invest, these kinds of cams are great for identifying "prowlers" who may be roaming
 your property! A hunter once mentioned being out on a back road on the reservation in Baraga county
 with his dog when he heard tree branches snapping high up in and old fir tree. Much to his surprise, he
 got a good glimpse of what he described as a full grown cougar as it jumped down to the ground and ran
 off in the opposite direction. He described it's fur as very dark colored and even dirty or muddy looking -
 probably from climbing through brush and thick tree limbs looking for prey.
 Other sightings along with proof of tracks in Delta and up in Houghton county have been examined, much
 to the denial of many. However, the sparsely populated u.p. is an ideal habitat because of the desolation
 and remoteness of it's place in the upper great lakes region. Think of it this way . . the black bear which
 proliferate throughout the upper peninsula are iconic. However, if you set out to photograph one or even
 see one, your odds are not as good as seeing the white tail deer which also proliferate our region.
 That being said, how easy would it be for you to actually photograph one of the big cats we have here who
 obviously are so low in numbers?  You're urged to keep your digital camcorders or cameras handy and of
 course, strap those cameras to any and all trees around your home, camp, bait pile and other backroads
 where you've seen big cat tracks or even glimpsed one but need proof!
cougars - U.P. cougar - upper peninsula mountain lion - cougars in U.P.
 News release as of: June 21, 2010 from Debbie Munson Badini (as above), this latest photograph is new
 verified / updated proof of another cougar sighting that was taken by  another "game cam" down in the
 southern Upper Peninsula of Michigan in Menominee County. It's great to see people within the DNR are
 finally agreeing that these animals roam different parts of the U.P. as so many others have been seen,
 yet photographic proof just doesn't exist. By comparing these two different animals, you'll notice a feature
 that's distinctive with both of this mountain lions...the length of the tail tapers off to a darker black or a
 brown color. It's something to keep in mind should you encounter a similar creature that happens to cross
 your path or even gets caught on one of your trail cameras!

                                        Lake Of The Clouds Fishing Video - U.P. Fishing at it's finest!


 Send your humorous article or story about life in the Upper Peninsula and it will be considered
 for inclusion on a special "Stories" page. One page or two pages etc. Send as an MSWord file 
 or in a text file format or in a basic email template. Chosen material gets the writer a mention
 and link to their preferred web page.  Any and all deer hunting or sauna stories, camping or
 fishing story is worth considering!


                                      Australia Invites Upper Peninsula Residents To Plan A Visit!


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 Upper Michigan TV stations:
 WLUC - TV6 NBC affiliate in Marquette
 WNMU -Public TV13 in Marquette
 WBUP - TV 5&10 in Calumet and Ishpeming
 WWUP - Sault St. Marie TV9&10
 WFRV - Nexstar affiliate broadcasting seen in Michigan's U.P.

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 Journeys Of The Heart (A link to Zion's worship page is here)

           Map Of Michigan's Upper Peninsula . . . Better Known as Yooperland!

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 Conga Se Menne
 Flat Broke Blues Band



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   View this collection of classic Yooper
 Bloopers cartoons by Dan Rosandich
 which were syndicated to virtually
 every newspaper in the U.P. and it was
 once each week in such papers as The
 Marquette Mining Journal, Houghton's
 Mining Gazette, The Daily Globe of
 Ironwood, and a majority of the week-
 ly papers throughout Upper Michigan.
 Rosandich invites comments and any
 questions you might have and all of the
 cartoons are available for licensing if
 you have a product or concept.


 The "individual Yooper" . . . what is the meaning? When the term Yooper was coined back in the mid 70's by cartoonist
 Dan Rosandich, it was meant as an enhancement to a regional cartoon title. The name has evolved over as many years
 and the terminology has meant alot of things to many people in different parts of Michigan and the Upper Peninsula and
 other parts of the country . . . and elsewhere for that matter. Yooper denotes humor in a sense, but moreover refers to
 a sense of individuality. Early in the years after Yooper Bloopers, the cartoon panel named and illustrated by cartoon
 artist Dan Rosandich, marketers and other people involved in promoting a product or anything else relating to Upper
 Michigan had realized the value of this word and attached their product or products to it.
 And after as many years, it's quite evident that Yoopers are not the pot bellied, beer guzzling moronic-types depicted
 in whatever so-called scenarios that folks from other parts of the country or world might assume. This article begins with
 an emphasis on "individuality" and that's what clearly identifies what a Yooper really is. Over these many years, it has
 become quite evident to this writer that the real Yoopers are residents who are professionals, owning and operating
 their own businesses like restaurants, cleaning services, logging businesses, construction companies, manufacturing
 operations, dental firms, printing plants, taverns, day care providers, mechanic service shops . . . it's so easy to go on
 and on - but you get the picture. Yoopers don't need to sit in bumper to bumper "drive time" traffic to earn a paycheck.
 Most are happy and content to complain having to dodge the occasional whitetail (or moose!) going to work. If Yoopers
 want to call that stress, so be it. Or looking out of a frosted windshield in January, with a tunnel of snow coming at them
 as they make their way to get some groceries for supper. Being a Yooper is asserting one's own individual belief that
 living in Northern Michigan is better than in some overly populated city infrastructure.

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